Synthetic Pine Tar Tackifier and Plasticizer for Rubber
MAHATHOL RT-75 - Synthetic Pine Tar is a Petroleum residue left after steam distillation of the volatile materials blended and processed with terpenes, terpene hydro carbon synthetic resins and polymerised.
MAHATHOL RT-75 - Synthetic Pine Tar is an excellent tackifier, softner and plasticizer for natural as well as synthetic rubber. Recommended for compounding and processing of tyre automotive rubber goods, for manufacture of tread rubber, motor and conveyor beltings, tubes and flaps. This Product is originally developed as per the specification of MRF-Mansfield.
MAHATHOL RT-75 - Synthetic Pine Tar meets the specification of IS 8891-1978 (Reaffirmed 1991).
    Rubber Extender / Process Oil - Aromatic
MAHATHOL R (A) is a high Aromatic Rubber Process Oil. This is Greenish brown in colour and has good solvency, making it compatible with most Rubber Polymers.
MAHATHOL R (A) finds extensive use in the manufacture of automobile tyres, tread rubber, beltings, battery cases and other rubber components where colour is not an imporant factor. This Oil is added to the polymers which may or may not have been oi extended and this process oil facilitate mixing peration,
reduces compounding time and improve processibility.
    Rubber Process Oil - Paraffinic
    MAHATHOL R (P) is a light coloured paraffinic type, medium bodied Rubber Process Oil with good colour stability. This Oil has high flash point, high temperature properties, less sulphur content and low solvency.
These Oils are recommended as ingredients for manufacturing of various rubber products from both natural as well as synthetic rubber and also finds use in butyl and ethylene propylene rubbers. These are recommended to be used for processing of light coloured rubber goods such as white walled tyres, shoe soles, toys, sporting goods etc.
    Rubber Process Oil - Naphthenic
MAHATHOL R (N) is a Naphthenic process oil, non-staining and has fairly good colour stabibility with adequate high temperature properties. Its solvency is good and it improves the processibility of natural rubber in particular and it is suitable as general purpose rubber process oil for butyl rubber also and recommended for use in processing of rubber for the manufacture of automotive tyres, tubes, mats, footwear and many other mounded and extruded rubber goods.


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