Motor Industries Company Limited, Bangalore
(Adugodi & Naganathapura) and also to their other Units at Nashik and Jaipur and to their Distributors all over India. [Supplying Local Test Oil /Calibration Oil, Honing Oil, Neat Cutting Oils, Hydraulic Oils and Rust Preventives]
TVS Srichakra Limited, Madurai
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils & Speciality Waxes]
Kusalava International Limited, Vijayawada (All the Units)
[Supplying Rust Preventive Oils, Honing Oil d Cutting Oils, Quenching Oil]
Kennametal Widia India Ltd., Bangalore
[Supplying Neat Cutting Oils, Soluble Cutting Oils, Hydraulic Oils]
Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Limited
Mannur and to all their Distributors all over India
[Supplying Calibration Oil ISO 4113]
Fenner India Limited, Madurai
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils & Waxes]
BMF Beltings Limited, Pattancheru
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils & Waxes]
Sundaram Industries Limited, Madurai
  [Supplying Rubber Process Oils & Waxes]
Sundaram Auto Components Ltd., Hosur
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils & Waxes]
Brakes India Ltd., (All Units)
(Supplying Test Oil/coolants)
Maini Precision Products Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
[Supplying Neat Cutting Oil]
Kasturi & Sons (Publishers of HINDU), Chennai
[Supplying Cylinder Cleaning Oil]
Pix Transmissions Ltd., Nagpur
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils]
All Government Departments, Government Undertakings, Defence, Transport Corporations throughout India.
[Test Bench Oil]
Agarwal Rubber Pvt. Ltd., Patancheru
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils, Waxes]
Jyothi Rubbers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils]
Anabond Essex Pvt. Ltd. Pondicherry
[Supplying Rubber Process Oils]
BPL Soft Energy Systems Ltd., Maddur
[Supplying Rust Preventive Oil, Speciality Waxes]
Falcon Tyres Ltd. – Mysore
[Supplying Speciality Waxes]
Gala Equipments Ltd., Thane
[Supplying Lapping Oil]
Geep Batteries India Pvt. Ltd., Mysore
[Supplying Hydraulic Oil, Toolway & Speciality Waxes]
Navami Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
[Supplying Test Oil for Filters]
S.K. Industries, Bangalore
[Supplying Test Oil for Filters]
Polartech India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
(Supplying SB1 Oil, Calibration Oil)
Quinn India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
[Supplying Rubber Process Oil]
TFL Leather Technique Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad
[Supplying Rubber Process Oil, AB White Oil]
Devendra Exports Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
[Supplying Industrial Oils, Lubricants]
Rane TRW Steering Systems Ltd., Chennai
[Supplying Calibration Oil ISO 4113]
AEIP Precision Products Ltd.,
[Supplying Honing Oil]


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